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Like "p" in the following English words:

  • Pen
  • P ark
  • Paper


To pass
Swimming pool

The IPA sound [p] is known as the "voiceless bilabial plosive." It is produced by bringing both lips together and then quickly releasing them to release a burst of air. The sound is "voiceless" because it does not involve the vocal cords vibrating.

To pronounce [p], you can bring your lips together as if you were going to say the English "b" sound, but instead, you do not engage your vocal cords and release the air forcefully when you open your lips. In Brazilian Portuguese, the [p] sound is produced in a similar manner.

It's important to note that the [p] sound in Brazilian Portuguese is always voiceless. This means that you do not engage your vocal cords to create any vibration when producing this sound.