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The exercise on this page is an "active recall" exercise. Additionally, it provides feedback on your pronunciation skills, helping identify areas that may need more practice to improve the accuracy of your pronunciation.

To track your progress, record the following in your notebook:

  • Write the date when the exercise was done.
  • Write the title of the page.
  • Record the time it took to complete the exercise initially.
  • Repeat the exercise and record the time it takes to complete each repetition.

To get the maximum benefit from this exercise, open the instructions by clicking on the "+" icon and follow them.


Start the audio recording function on your device.
Start the timer (optional).
Translate the sentences into Portuguese aloud and record your voice using your audio recording device.
  • Take your time.
  • Articulate each word deliberately.
  • Focus on pronouncing each word clearly.
  • Allow pauses between words.
  • Remember that the goal is to improve memorization ability, not pronunciation speed.
Stop the timer after translating the last sentence (optional).
Stop the audio recording function on your device.
Record the elapsed time (optional).
  • This recorded time will be your reference time (i.e., your baseline).
  • You'll need to beat this reference time in each subsequent exercise.
Click the "translate" button and display the sentences in Portuguese.
Review your audio recording to ensure all the sentences are correctly translated into Portuguese and ensure proper pronunciation and diction of each word.
Next step:
  • If all the sentences you recorded are correctly translated into Brazilian Portuguese and each word is pronounced and enunciated correctly, you can proceed to the next lesson.
  • Otherwise, continue working on this lesson, focusing on improving the pronunciation of the sentences or words.
  1. Good morning! How are you?
  2. I'm doing well, thanks. And you?
  3. I'm doing well too, thanks.
  4. Nice to meet you.
  5. See you later!
  6. Goodbye!
  7. Hello!
  8. Good morning!
  9. Good evening!
  10. Bye!
  11. See you soon!
  12. See you tomorrow!
  13. Good night!
  14. Good afternoon!, Good day!
  15. Nice to meet you (male).
  16. Nice to meet you (female).
  17. I'm doing well too, thanks (male).
  18. I'm doing well too, thanks (female).